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Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello there!! I hope your summer is going smoothly!! We have been enjoying the longer days, sunshine, and warm evenings on the back porch. But I think I can honestly say our favorite part of summer is our family vacations!! We've been so blessed with lots of family which means lots of traveling! We've gone to Yellowstone; cruising to Belize, Honduras, and Mexico; and to the east coast all with family. After going on a few vacations I have found that I have learned a few ways to help us stay a little more organized on our trips.

Matching Outfits for Crowded Places
When it comes time to pack, I am a pretty particular person. I like to be methodical and organized. One of my biggest pet peeves is living out of a messy and disorganized suitcase. So I typically spend quite a bit of time when packing for the whole family. One thing I did when we went on a cruise was buy matching swim suits for all three boys. This was so that we could easily spot our children when on the boat or beach. It worked!! It worked so well that for this years trip I packed all matching (or closely matching) outfits for each day.

We had some kind of a general idea of what we'd be doing each day on our trip. We also knew that we'd be visiting a lot of busy crowded places, so again, the matching outfits were extremely helpful! I know this sounds expensive, but with some careful planning it really wasn't. I used what we already had for the boys, and only bought what I needed to plan the outfits. I was very lucky that Old Navy was having a 40% off sale with free shipping! YAY!

Packing in Laundry Mesh Bags
Once I had picked out their outfits, I packed by the outfit for each boy. I purchased a bunch a very cheap laundry mesh bags from the dollar store. They turned out to be the perfect size for packing an entire day's outfit. For each boy I packed their shirt, shorts, socks, and undies per day per laundry bag. Then I packed each boy one laundry mesh bag with a "nice" outfit, just in case. Finally, I packed "extras" for each boy. I put a few extra socks, undies, a couple of long sleeved shirts, one pair of pants in a mesh bag. Boys can get so dirty I was careful to pack extras but I tried to not over do it. Mike likes to pack for himself, and he also likes to use the mesh bags to pack his clothes.

Personal Water-packs for the Kids
It's common for summer vacation destinations to be filled with amusement parks, a lot of outdoor activities, beach days, etc. One of our favorite travels tricks is a personal water pack for each boy. We found these on amazon for only $25 at the time we purchased them. They are great!!! These enable the boys to stay well hydrated while hiking, playing, and adventuring. They also have a few small pockets, perfect for storing a pair of sunglasses and a few snack packs per boy. BONUS: Mom and Dad don't have to carry EVERYTHING, and they LOVE have their very own packs to carry. There is even a little extra room for special treasures like the rocks or sea shells they pick up. 

For this particular trip, we were traveling far and gone for 9 days so I packed three suitcases that were to be checked in at the airport. One for the older two boys to share, one for my youngest and his Daddy, and one smaller one for me. 


 Sticker Books instead of Crayons
 In the picture below, the boys are sporting their "airport day outfits." They also each had one backpack for the day of flights. Each backpack had one sticker book, and enough snacks for the flights. The older two had their tablets, and Benjamin had a story book. We kept the contents simple and light. I felt like if they had too many choices they wouldn't know what to pick. The sticker books were GREAT! They were full color pages of fun things like pirates, pets, or dinosaurs with blank faces awaiting sticker eyes, noses, mouths, etc.  I linked a similar book here. I liked them because while they kept the boys well entertained, they were not at all messy nor were there a million parts or pieces like some travel toys have. I didn't have to worry about Benjamin drawing on a stranger or chasing after a roll away crayon on the crowded airplanes.

 Suitcase Organizing Pouches
One of my all time favorite items I use to help stay organized while packing are these travel pouches. I LOVE these travel pouches. They helped organize my suitcase and it stayed that way the entire trip! I used the largest cube pouch for my shorts and two pairs of pants. I used the medium size cube for all of my shirts. The smallest cube held my panties, bras, and fashion tape. I used the largest laundry pouch for my pajama set, the medium sized pouch held my swim suit, and the smallest pouch I kept empty just in case it was needed. I used the shoe pockets for my shoes, and rolled up two dresses to set on top of the travel pouches. I used another small pouch for jewelry and one for hygiene products. I like to keep my makeup pouch with me, so I kept that in my purse for the majority of the trip. If interested, I can show you the contents of my purse and how I keep it organized for travel and for day to day use. Although, I typically carry a diaper with me these days.

 So there you have it! Some of my favorite tips for traveling organized with a family. I hope this has been helpful in some way. Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!

Thank you for reading!

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