Our First Foster Care Placement Call

Monday, April 24, 2017

We turned in our application and started our training for foster care in November of 2016 and about four months later we had completed the training, the home study, and received our first placement call.

Our phone call came a little sooner than expected. Partially because we just assumed the final paperwork would take some time making it's rounds, and partially because we had decided to take in ages 2 and under. We really would love to be able to say yes to any child needing a home, but taking into consideration the safety of our biological children and their needs we knew ages 2 and under would be the best fit for our family.

So you can imagine my surprise when I unexpectedly received our first placement call four days after our final home study visit!! Benjamin and I were on our way to the zoo with a few of our friends when I noticed I had missed a call from an unknown number. Then I saw I had a message from another caseworker, "Hey Stefani, do you have a minute? Rachel needs to talk to you." Assuming the unknown number was my caseworker, Rachel, I immediately called her back.

I was sitting in the front passenger seat next to one of my girlfriends, and another one of my girlfriends was sitting behind me. "Hey you guys, I just missed a call from CYFD, I'm just gonna give them a quick call back."

"Maybe it's a call for a baby??!?" One girlfriend said excitedly to another.

"Hey Stefani! You'll never believe this but we received your home study yesterday and you were approved! Also, we have an 8 month old baby boy that needs a home if you guys are willing?"


Reading my surprise, my girlfriends realize that this. Is. Happening. Now! My breath hitches.

Shocked, I managed to squeak out, "Um, I'm gonna cry right now....just so you know."

She gave me a little bit of information on the baby, I told her I'd call my husband and then I'd call her back. I immediately called  Mike, "Hey Babe, I just got a call from Rachel...." I tell him about the baby and say, "They'd like to know if we want to take him in."

"Well, that is why we are doing this, tell them 'yes!"

So I did.

Our new baby wouldn't be arriving home until later in the day, so my girlfriends and I decided to try to carry on with our plans with the exception of making a quick stop for bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, clothes....etc. I am so glad that I was with great friends for this moment. Friends that knew my heart for these kids, friends who knew our desire to help, friends who had been there for us throughout the whole process, friends whose eyes were teary like mine, and friends that were SO EXCITED! It just made my day. The entire time we were at the zoo we kept saying, "Oh my goodness!" "I can't believe this is happening!" "You have a baby!" "I have a baby!" "Another boy!" "Oh my goodness!" "I can't believe this is happening!"

It was very surreal, being at the zoo, all of us trying to act and feel like it was a normal day all the while knowing it was not. Wonder and excitement had pretty much engulfed our day and conversations. I will never forget how blessed I was by the support my girlfriends offered, just by being as excited as I was! As we began to make our way back home I was in contact with my caseworker, they were going to be bringing the baby to our house very shortly after our arrival home. Suddenly wonder and excitement was replaced with nervousness and curiosity. "What will he be like?" "Will he be sad?" "Will he be upset?" "How much does an 8 month old eat?" "Can he crawl?"

It's amazing how quickly you forget about what it's like to take care of a baby when your kiddos grow up!!

I made it home, I got Benjamin settled in with a snack and a show, then paced. I paced a little, then cleaned a little, then paced a little, then cleaned a little...then I saw a white car pull up. You can read article after article on what to expect when expecting a foster care placement, but I will never forget the concoction of butterflies and feelings swirling around inside me. Everything we had done in the past four months as a couple revolved around this moment. All the paperwork, the home visits, the questions, the conversations, the training, and so much prayer had led up to this moment. I began giving thanks to God and praising him  for all of the people in our life that prayed along with us and for us throughout this entire process.

I stepped outside to meet Baby Boy and was greeted with a great big gummy grins and the most adorable dimples. "We are so glad you are here," I told him.

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