Early Morning Madness

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Four. Four kids. Four boys. Four mouths to feed. Four sets of laundry. Four completely different personalities. Four different schedules. Four pairs of shoes to find.

In the midst of learning what life with four is like, I went through what some might call initiation one unsuspecting day.

Everyone was up and getting ready for school. We were getting dressed, making beds, and eating our breakfast when I walked down the hallway in search of Benjamin.

Benjamin had gotten quiet. In a bustling household brimming with boys, silence is golden...for a whole thirty seconds, until you realize that silence is scaaaaary. A little worried, I quickened my pace, "Benjamin..." "Hey Mom!" he said to me, happy as all get out. There he was standing in the bathroom holding a poopy pull-up that he took off himself, had dunked into the toilet, and was whipping around like a cowboy working his lasso.

"NOOOOO!" I ran in, cleaned him up, then cleaned up the mess. Then, I made two lunches, checked two backpacks, helped find two pairs of shoes, and kissed Michael and William goodbye, and sent them off to school. Glad to have the toilet troubles behind us, I got Benjamin settled in with a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that I could take a shower. I put Baby Boy in his little bouncy seat in the bathroom doorway so I could keep an eye on him. The moment I stepped into the shower Baby Boy simultaneously decided he was not havin' it and screamed the entire time I was rushing through my shower.

I got out, quickly dressed, and got Baby Boy settled in for breakfast. He is a big eater and he loves his baby food! I was about halfway through feeding him when suddenly he projectile vomited about 2 days worth of baby food all over him and myself. It's only 9:30 in the morning. Fan.Tastic.

Still, I cleaned up (again), cleaned up Baby Boy, and threw all the clothes and towels into the wash. I now had just enough time to get the diaper bag together and load up the two younger boys and head out for Baby Boy's appointment. We got there on time, and then Benjamin and I headed out to pick up some things from Wal-Mart during the appointment. We quickly picked out what we needed, and very carefully picked a self check out line that had only one woman in it. As the other lines around us filled up I realized I was behind the Slowest. Woman. On. The. Planet.

"Someone is messing with me!" I thought to myself while I looked around for tv cameras.  "Is this for real? Is she for real?!?" I thought this had to be a set up. First, she couldn't decide on which items to scan. Then, she couldn't decide on how to scan. Finally, she couldn't decide where to put the item. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Needless to say I was a little late picking up Baby Boy from his appointment. My first time late to pick him up, by the way. #notmyfault #slothwoman

Finally, we began making our way home while I started day dreaming about nap time. Ah, nap time. I used to judge those parents that would rearrange their world and schedule for nap time. Shame on me! If only I had known how truly sacred nap time really was. Now I know! Nap time is to be treated with the utmost of reverence. You do not mess...with nap time.

Not all mornings look exactly like this, we seem to be professionals at creating a good variety of crazy and chaos. Some mornings are substantially stressful while others seem to be almost perfect. Chaotic or calm. Crazy or collected. Wacky or wonderful. I love it all.

It can be so hard at times to remember the blessings in the middle of the mess. But taking time to take a picture of the little dusty foot prints on the floor that I JUST cleaned (Seriously ya'll, we're talking 60 whole seconds of clean.), or cuddling when I feel I am too busy, or indulging in a special treat with the kids can be a small way to slow down and soak up the blessings.

Just in case you were wondering, while Benjamin was busy not napping, he was coloring on his legs with a neon green Sharpie.

Thank you for reading!!


  1. Oh, my friend. God certainly chose the perfect person when he laid this calling on your heart. What a gift you are to ALL your boys.

  2. :) Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement! They really do mean a lot!!


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