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Saturday, April 30, 2016

5 a.m. alarm rings. Hit snooze. 5:20 alarm rings. Hit snooze. 5:45 alarm rings, curse alarm clock. Wake Get up. 

Try to remember that really awesome blog idea that I had at 2 a.m. It's not coming to me.

Workout. Do a Bible study. Pray for patience. 

Shower, then while blow drying hair realize that I did not wash out all of the shampoo. So, even though I have showered I now have extra greasy hair and not enough time to rewash. Dear Lord, I just prayed for patience and this really isn't helping...throw a mom a bone will ya!? Guess I'll be wearing my baseball cap...again. (Blog post worthy? Eh.)

Make breakfast for the boys. Make school lunches for two. Make a pot of coffee. 

Fifteen minutes later...press the 'on' button, and try again to make a pot of coffee. (Write a blog post about coffee? Did that already.)

Now's a good time to check and see if there was any homework due today, right? 

Spend 10 minutes loading up kids into the car. Take my oldest to his school, then take the 4 yr old to his preschool. Turn around and drive back home. Make a second breakfast for a very hungry caterpillar  I mean, toddler. (Mental note: read a book without pictures today. I am regressing educationally. I'm so sorry Eric Carle, it's not you, it's me.)

 Pour a cup of coffee. Finally! Deep breath, sit down, and turn on the news. Maybe I can catch the last few minutes...or at the very least listen to the grown ups have a grown up conversation.

Benjamin has other ideas, "watch. Mickey. Cub house?" 
"Hold on Ben, Mommy wants to watch the News."
"Watch. Mickey. Cub house?!"
"Just a minute Ben."
"Watch. Mickey. CUB HOUSE!?!"
"Benjamin! Just a minute!" (Insert Mommy Eye Roll here.)
Ah! I give up! I can't hear the news over the Mickey induced sobs anyways.

Time to pick up my preschooler, take a sip and wave goodbye to the warm coffee. Bye coffee.

Leaving the house I looked down at my feet. I have nail polish on 5 of my 10 toes. How does that even happen? Did I really forget to paint the other five toes? #momprobs

Pick up William. Pull into the driveway just in time to remember my appointment with that lady from the online yard sale on Facebook for those boots. Off we go again.

The boys beg for the windows to be rolled down. Against my better judgement, I roll the windows down. My two year old immediately chunks his saliva filled toothbrush out of the car window. Holy Floss Batman!!! Did he just hit that poor woman with his toothbrush!? Moral dilemma. Do I have to stop and explain to this woman that she was not a victim of a dental hate crime? Or can I pretend like I don't know and just keep going? Maybe it didn't hit her. I think I'm having a heart attack...

It's a small town. Better keep going.

Meet the lady with the boots, boots don't fit, doesn't matter, I can't stop thinking about our toothbrush incident, that may or may not have happened.

Back at home. What is that smell? Benjamin walks by. Oh. Change diaper.

Call girlfriend to talk about #momprobs. While on phone discover two year old can now open bathroom door on his own and is now using big brother's toothbrush to clean the dirty bathroom stool. Gross!! Toss toothbrush. What is it with the toothbrushes today?

Nap time for the delinquent toddler. Reheat coffee. Sit at computer. Ok. What was that blog post gonna be on?

No worries, it'll come to me at 2am. 

Decide that if I don't clean the boys' bathroom NOW it won't get done. Clean their bathroom. Throw out ALL toothbrushes...just in case. 

Maybe I should write about toothbrushes.

What time is it anyway? 3:15!!! Grab sleeping toddler, spend ten minutes loading the boys into the car. Pick up Michael.

Back at home. Snacks all around. Reheat coffee. Again. Boys are playing outside. 

Decide that 4pm is a good time to check the calendar. Hmm. Missed a play date. Hmm. Forgot to show up for volunteer assignment at school. Great. Toddler's Well Check was at 1pm. Awesome. (Write blog post on time management? Ha!)

Where's Benjamin? Look for a trail of toothbrushes. Find Benjamin playing nicely with his brothers. Aaaaw! Take a picture. Post worthy! Decide I need to come up with a cute little line to go with the cute little photo. Mind blank. Oh forget it! Posting is too much work.

Hubby comes home! Yes! Best part of my day! The boys are thrilled and the wrestling ensues. 

Order the troops to get into their soccer gear... "But Mom! I can't find my jersey!" "Mom! Where are my shoes." "I can't find my shin guards!"

I make a dinner "to go" and we all head out for soccer. It was 75 degrees and calm this morning but now it's 35 degrees and we're fighting near hurricane force winds. Oh! I wish we could skip spring! Too bad we can't order our weather like we do our fast food... "Yes, I'd like a warm, calm day in the 70's. No wind. No allergies, and easy on the bugs. Thank you."

After soccer, we have our bible study group. I am able to pay attention for a whole two minutes before, "I'm hungry." "I'm tired." "He hit me." "Can you change Benjamin? He's stinky."  

One of these days I'll get to sit with the adults. #adultingisoverrated

Time to go home. Pajamas all around, goodnight kisses and prayers. 

I stare at the couch debating...if I sit down someone will undoubtedly call out to me...I take a step towards the couch testing the waters. Nothing. One more step. Nothing. Seems safe. I sit down.


Mike finds my coffee, "Did you want this coffee in the microwave?"

I'll write tomorrow.

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