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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ever come across an idea, service, or product that helps make parent life easier? Maybe your thinking, "Wow! Wish I had known about that sooner!" Or "Why didn't I think of that?" 

Enter, a new blog series, MomTastic! I've decided to start sharing those MomTastic! ideas, services, or products that I've been fortunate enough to come across. Please! If you have a MomTastic! idea to share with us please do so in the comments. We'd all love to hear it, takes a village people!! We need all the help we can get! 

Or is it just me?

About a year ago I had come across a new piece of information that has since changed the way I do my bulk grocery shopping. I've found this information to be so helpful that I can barely contain my excitement when I come across a fellow parent who isn't already aware of my exciting good news. Which rarely happens anymore because I think I've told everyone living within a 100 mile radius.

I was at a friend's birthday party when a conversation with another mom at that party went something like this...

Other mom, "Well, we gotta head out, my groceries are waiting for me at Sam's Club and I need to swing by and pick them up."
Me, "What do you mean your groceries are waiting for you?"
Other mom, "I ordered them online and now they are ready."
Me (bare with me...I clearly had too much birthday cake and was headed towards a food coma...), "Wait. So you went onto their website and ordered your groceries? Wait. So then, did someone there pick them out for you?"
Other mom (probably annoyed with me by now...), "I used their app, but you can use their website too..." 
"So, your telling me that I can order my groceries online and someone that works there does the shopping for you? You just have to go pick it up?"
"So I can just pick up my groceries and I don't have to walk through the whole store with my kids?"
"Yeah." (I'm tellin' ya, she's annoyed.)
Me (still stupefied), "Wait!! Do I gotta pay the person that picks up my groceries? Cause surely they don't just do this for free."
Other Mom, "No, you just pay for your groceries."


So needless to say, I went straight home to test this out. I downloaded the app, chose my groceries, added them to my cart, and upon ordering I chose a location (the nearest Sam's Club), a date and time frame (broken into one hour blocks). What?! It was so easy! I arrived at Sam's Club on the predetermined day and at the time I had chosen,  and went straight to the customer service desk. I let them know I had ordered some groceries, they called someone from the back to bring out my order, I paid, they loaded up my vehicle for me, and I went on my merry way. 15 minutes! In 15 minutes I had made it in and out of Sam's Club with three children and two carts full of groceries.
If you already know about this and have not taken advantage of it, shame on you!

Our country is divided, there is a Costco camp, and a Sam's Club camp. Costco may or may not offer this service, I don't know. But, this is one of the reasons I am a Sam's Club fan. I also realize that for some of you this isn't life changing information. But for a young mom of three boys all under the age of seven...this is life changing.

Why is this MomTastic!?

1. IT'S A TIME SAVER! No more hours upon hours of dragging your tired and hungry children through aisle after aisle, while simultaneously trying to prevent meltdowns and focus on what you need. We are talking a 10-15 minute trip vs. a minimum 1hr trip.

2. IT'S CHEAPER! Firstly, I don't know if you experience this, but when I take my children to the store the begging starts in the parking lot! As soon as I pull up, "Oh! Can we get something? Just a little something? What if we're good? How about then? Can we if we are good?" My favorite is, "What if we don't ask for anything? Then can we? Then can we pick something out?" Secondly, I'm just as bad as my children, thinking to myself, "Ooooh, I think I need that, I've been so good this week, I totally deserve to buy myself a little something." đŸ˜‰ Finally, by taking a couple a days to complete your online shopping list, you are less likely to forget something and much more likely to plan ahead (meals, ingredients you need, cleaning products you are out of, etc.). Thus, reducing the need for random shopping trips which inevitably add up to more than you had planned to spend that week. 

3. Flexibility! You get to pick the place, the date, and the time. And if you place an order, then remember a forgotten item, you can call the store and they will add it for you. Or you can simply pick it up when you go pick up your order. Also, you get to choose whether you pay online when you place the order or you can choose to wait and pay at the time of pick up.

4. CONVENIENCE! You can opt to receive text message alerts about your order, including alerts for when the order was received and when your order has been completed. If completed early, you may choose to pick it up early or wait until the time you had previously chosen. One of my favorite features from the App is that they keep track of your most frequently ordered items, as well as giving you the ability to save shopping lists that you create. 

So there you have it folks, a MomTastic service! Like I said, for some, this could be old news, or (gasp!) maybe not that big of a deal. But, for the Fichtel Five, for a busy young mom with three (even busier) young children this changing! 


  1. Stef good to see you are enjoying the grocery online pickup. Guess what I start the service at my store in April and the Moore WM is doing it now with great success. The service is exactly designed with busy mom's like you in mind! With WM you will have a greater selection as well. So it's free it saves you time! Just watch out those boys will soon figure out how to add items to your shopping list! :)

    Glad your back blogging again!

    Love ya Poppi

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