A Simple Spring Tablescape: a step by step tutorial

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hello Friends! 
I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. It's this time of year I am always tempted by all the pretty fresh flowers!
With the help of my little William, I put together a simple tablescape for Easter. 
There has been an overload of Easter decor on Pinterest and other decorating blogs and they all look gorgeous, 
but they also can look intimidating and even expensive. Beautiful spring decor doesn't have to be
extravagant or expensive, so I decided we'd go a much simpler route and show you step by step how we did it.
Prepare for picture overload and enjoy!

Starting out, I wanted to show you how I keep our table on a daily basis. 
Just add three kids cups, a couple of empty bowls, and art supplies...
that would be a bit more accurate. In all seriousness, I do try to keep the table cleared as much
as possible. The whole house feels cleaner when the table isn't cluttered, and when we are ready to do homework 
or sprawl out with our art supplies, the table is ready and waiting.

Firstly, William and I cleared the table completely...
for the sake of a step by step tutorial.

Next, we decided on a runner. I chose to use this bright yellow fabric scrap.
This is literally a scrap of fabric cut to size, frayed edges and all.
Easy and cheap!

Then we added our center piece.
This is obviously what I had on the table before, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
I really like the height of this piece and all the texture it brings to the table. 😋

Next, William helped Momma lay out all the plates.
Again, very simple, we did large white plates and added some color with 
the smaller plates on top.

And because I love my tea, and our tea cups, we added those.
I started out with my collection of random and colorful antique tea cups,
but after deciding on a simpler palate, we went with the white.

Then came the glasses and some silverware,
staying with our "simple" theme, and just keepin' it real...
With three young boys all under the age of seven, I'm just not in the habit of laying out the knives. 
I apologize if I've broken any Cardinal table setting laws. What can I say?
I'm a rebel. Bad to the bone china.


Moving on!

Then comes my favorite part!
The details! It's all in the details folks!
Fresh flowers, tiny adorable Easter critters, and the cutest little
salt and pepper shakers you ever did see.

I really can't get over how beautiful those carnations are!

 This is a good time to add texture. These gorgeous carnations and the 
faux pussy willow add some much needed softness to a table full of glass, wood, china, and metals.

A little shot with a couple of the boys' Easter baskets handmade from their great grandmother Honey...

Just in case you are wondering, YES! we are loving our hardwood floors,
and how marvelously open our great room is now that the wall is gone.
It is so open and bright now! More on that renovation soon!

So Praise God and thank Him for his Precious Son, enjoy this beautiful holiday with your family,
and don't forget to pass the crossiants.

Happy Easter!
Much Love,

My little helper...


  1. Great decorating skills Stefani! Good job William, I love to see you involved! HAPPY EASTER FICHTEL FAMILY!

  2. Great decorating skills Stefani! Good job William, I love to see you involved! HAPPY EASTER FICHTEL FAMILY!


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