Stilettos & Shotguns

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sometimes being a girly girl in a house full of boys feels like looking for your favorite pair of sparkly stud earrings in a fishing pond...

It's hard enough for any parent to find the time to get showered and dressed each day, but throw in 3 boys 6 years old and under and you can forget about that DIY mani pedi you were hoping for!

It had been a long time since I had a free moment long enough to lock myself into the bathroom so I could hurriedly slap on some toe nail polish (in hopes that it miracuosly looked like something you'd see on Pinterest) before I would hear, "Moooooom! Where are you?! I neeeeeeed you!"

"She's not here!"

And you know it's bad when your Hubby politely suggests you are trying to start a new "chipped polish" trend. 
Hey! It could happen! We'll call it....

Well, being the girly girl I am, I decided to give this mani pedi thing a try....
It's been so long it feels like a foreign concept.
"What's this Mani Pedi thing you speak of?"

Being the Better-Than-Awesome Hubby that he is, Mike bought this girly Mom a Gel Nail Dyer and Light. So one night after all the Little Men were tucked into their beds with their Elephants and Baby Bears, I gathered the essentials. I got out the nail dryer, nail polish remover ( to remove the two whole specks that had survived thus far), nail file, etc. The only problem was I couldn't find my Gel Nail Polish in "My Chihuaha Bites!" (Hehe) #GOTTALUVNAILPOLISHNAMES

What I didn't know was that if I wanted to find my $12 bottle of cherry red polish, I should have been looking in my Husband's tackle box. Apparently, nail polish makes great looking homemade bobbers....hmmm.

And my hot rollers? Well, they are the replacement wheels for a TonkaTruck in need.

Eyebrow tweezers? Great for picking up and squishing bugs....yeah, you read that right.

My most expensive mascara? War Paint.

Newest knee high boots? Turns out these make great carryalls for when Mom calls you to clean up your Legos.
Didn't know that did you?

Blush brush? Duster for fingerprints. Our place is crawling with bad guys.
(Apparently lazy ones who leave their fingerprints everywhere.)

Bra? Slingshot. Of course.

Stilettos? Weapon. Duh.

So, for all you girly Moms out there hiding in your closet while you paint your little piggies...

You are not alone!

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