Uh-oh! Spaghetti-o!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I was so proud of myself. 

After a productive and tiring day yesterday, I still managed to prepare the kids' things for our early morning Santa Fe trip.
Sippy cup? Check! Bottles? Check! Diapers? Wipes? Check! Check!

I packed everything we would need for the 4hr round trek to Santa Fe and back,
 all so that we could have a smooth and more relaxed morning. (Insert wild laughter here.) I don't know about you, but today, today I woke up wondering, "What would happen if I threw a rock at our glass back door?" I bet you were wondering the same thing. 
Guess who else was wondering too?

Ladies and Gents, if you will turn your attention to the photo below, 
William has been kind enough to provide us with an excellent example of just that.

Not sure what inspired him. Maybe he didn't like that door? (Truth be told, I didn't like it either.)
Could there have been some encouragement from big brother? 
Nah, I believe that he just thought it would be a good idea. He wanted to educate us, you know, for the sake of science.

So there you have it folks! Thank you for joining us for this addition of "What Happens When I Throw a Rock at Glass?" Stayed tuned for "Play-Doh in the Dishwasher" and "Hurry! Mom's Not Lookin!"

This Williamism was brought to you by NeverGonnaNap.


  1. Oopsy! Kinda like his cousin Caleb throwing a rock at our van window shattering it into millions of little pieces as we were 1000 miles from home. ;) They're lucky they're so cute. ;)

    1. Reminds me of a little girl who wonder what would happen if she flushed a watch down the toilet, so after finding one unsupervised, well it was just to good to pass up. So with the stealth moves of a navy seal she completed her mission. After hours of searching by her dad, we came to the conclusion that it was the toilet, and her brother to young to have even thought of this. Left Stefani, of course she denied this as any young toddler would have. We learned lots that day about our sweet girl. To the day Bill does not wear a watch.


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