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Monday, June 30, 2014

William recently turned three years old.
How times flies!

Those of you who have had the pleasure of knowing our second born, understand my relief that we've succeeded in keeping him alive this far. This boy lives out life with reckless abandon. He is truly happy to the core and I think it fuels his lust and excitement for life and all it's adventures.

Even though this boy drives me crazy (on a daily basis) (make that hourly), I do believe we could all learn a little from this upbeat and positively zany  little boy, whom I cherish.

Mike and I should have seen it coming. 
His birth story puts many others to shame. 
William started out unexpected and exciting, and I suspect he will always be unexpected and exciting. 
It was a dark and stormy night....just kidding!!

It was summer time.
Hot dogs and evening walks. Hikes and swimming pools. Fly fishing and BBQs. June of 2011. A tree fell across a power line causing a forest fire in the very near Jemez Mountain Range. Hours after spotting a far off plume of smoke Mike and I were frantically packing clothes and valuables, and preparing our (at the time) three year old son, Michael, for a trip to Santa Fe. We didn't know how long we'd be gone, we did not know if we would even have a house to come home to. I was 38 weeks pregnant with our second son William, waddling thru the house forced to take a minute and think about what in our home was truly "valuable."

After two days in Santa Fe, unsure of when it would be safe to return home we made the life altering decision to head to Oklahoma to wait it out. Our nearest family was in Oklahoma, and we knew we did not want to have a baby in Santa Fe if it meant taking him to a hotel room upon being discharged. So after receiving the O.K. from our doctor, we hit the road. Boy, were we clueless as to how things would transpire.

Talking the whole eight hour drive to Norman, Mike and I discussed MANY different "what if"s. Per doctor's orders, Mike stopped every two hours so that I could get out and walk around a bit, trying to avoid blood clots. We arrived at my parents house at 8:30 pm exhuasted and excited for an unexpected chance to see family and friends. After a couple hours of chatting and watching news coverage about the Las Conchas fire, we retired to the bedroom. We settled Bode into his sleeping pallet on the floor and hit the hay! 

About 2:30am I woke just enough to feel and hear an audible "pop." One of the strangest things I've ever experienced. I tapped Mike's shoulder, "Mike, Babe, I think my water just broke." Groggy and hoping I was kidding, he replied, "Are you sure??"
"I'll go walk around just to check."

Now I am in my sister's bed, mind you. So just in case, I worked my oversized body to the side of the bed so I could slide my rear off first, hoping to avoid ruining her matress! I looked simply ridiculus, like a beached whale trying to make its way back to safety. An example of grace and poise if there ever was one. 

I didn't even make it to the bottom of the stairs, yep, my water broke! And we were off, laughing the whole way to the hospital. We had NO baby gear! No clothes, diapers, no car seat, nothing. We were, however, relieved, that this was in God's hands and not ours. Planned or not, this was happening. Here. In Oklahoma.

And imagine our surprise when we find out that the doctor on call was Dr. Jimerson, the same doctor that had delivered Mike 30 years ago!! Before we could blink, William Thomas Fichtel had arrived!! Sweet and beautiful he was, and is. Next thing we knew, there were reporters from the local newpaper and a couple of tv cameras in our room, asking us to share our crazy story with the public.


Unexpected and exciting from the get go! 
William has had us laughing, crying, and on our toes ever since.

Sooner born, sooner bred!!

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