Ode to Bode

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Michael turns six years old this month...

I almost don't know what else to say.

I still think about when he called police cars " wee-oo cars."  I realize most all parents believe their child is the greatest on earth, but they are all wrong... Mine is. ;) 

There was no debating it. I don't even remember there being a discussion about it. When Mike and I left THE ultrasound (you know, the one where you find out if the Hubby put the stem on the apple) we knew his name would be Michael David Fichtel III. But here is where is gets confusing, my husband's Dad goes by Mike. While growing up, my husband went by Michael, but his friends called him Mike. Therefore ever since we met back in 2004 he has been Mike to me. So here we had a Mike and then a Michael/Mike (try to keep up now!) and now a new little Michael on the way. 

(Stay with me now...) When my husband was a baby, one of the ways his family showed their love was to sing to him. His sister Michelle was around 4 years old when she and his parents would sing "Michael Row Your Boat Ahore" to him. Only she pronounced it "bode" instead of "boat." His sister then began to lovingly calling him "bodey boy" which was later shortened to Bode. 

When Mike and I knew we were having a Michael, I quickly decided we were going to need a nickname. Since "Bode" was a family nickname (and not used very often anymore), I called my Mother In Law, Caren, to ask her if we could use the nickname for our Michael. She loved it! I loved it! Mike loved it! So there you have it, our very own very sweet little Bode.

Sweet he is! And kind, thoughtful, caring, the list goes on. Like I had mentioned in The Fichtel Five post, our Bode is the most loyal human I have ever been blessed to know. He loves unconditionally, truly. If you are fortunate enough to be a friend of Bode's, you have a friend for life. 

Bode is a gift giver. He is constantly drawing up pictures and creating "gifts" to give to his friends and family. Bode is a helper, his face lights up when called for duty. Mike is especially good at finding things Bode can help with, and Bode loves it. Almost as much as he loves his Dad.

Mike and Bode have a sweet relationship. They are self-proclaimed "best friends." And best friends they are. One day Bode spent the entire afternoon packing up his backpack (which he used to call a pack-ack) so that when his Dad got home they could go hunting and fishing together. He filled that pack-ack to the brim with the essentials: string cheese, crackers, The Dangerous Book for Boys (which he still sometimes calls "The Bad Book for Boys"), binoculars, rocks and sticks a plenty, and many more items I am sure I was unaware of. His love for his Dad is great, he looks up to him. There isn't another man I would want him to look up to. God has and will continue to bless that relationship.

Bode is a big brother of two little brothers now. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave Michael that role. He loves it, he takes his role seriously. Yes, they bicker and pester each other (almost constantly). But then, they invite each other to share a book together. When they are sitting on the bed together, arms around each other, I feel hope that they will always be there for each other.

Bode is always looking out for William. If I offer him a snack, he asks "can I take William one?" If William is hurt, Bode sythpathizes with him. If William is sad, Bode brings his Elephant and "wawa" for comfort. If William experiences success, Bode cheers him on. If William receives a gift, Bode celebrates with him. I love him more, just typing this up.

Bode loves his little "Benjamini." He takes pride in that he can calm Benjamin down when he is upset. He loves to hold and snuggle him. Bode lights up when he can make his brother smile and giggle. I can see Bode now, cheering little Ben on as he attempts those first wobbly steps. Benjamin was born blessed.

As for Bode and I, we have a special connection in more than one way. We have that special connection that a mother has with her first born. We have that special connection that a mother undoubtedly has with her son. We also share a special connection because we are both the oldest of our siblings. Something about being the oldest makes you bossy and particular, ready to take charge when nesseccary (or not nesseccary), want soo badly to please your parents, hate disappointment, and hate failure. All the while ready to cheer on, love, and uplift all those you possibly can. 

Everyday Bode goes to school, a part of my heart goes with him. Bode loves to color with me, so I try to do this as often as possible. We cuddle together, watch movies together, read together, and even do chores together. Some days, not often enough. Some days I go to bed disappointed in our lack of time together amongst all of the hustle and bustle. But Bode, I am making you a promise now, not a day will go by that I won't be SURE that you know without a doubt that I love you greatly.

Bode, you were "fearfully and wonderfully made." God has great things in store for you, and Mom and Dad are so very proud of you. 
We will always be here for you.


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