The Problem with Coffee, A Mother's Dilemma

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Heat kettle.

 Boil water. 

Grind beans. 

French press. 

A little creamer. 



The Baby wakes. Change and feed Baby. Take the 5 yr old to school. Come home. Heat coffee.

Doorbell rings. The dog got out. (Again? Isn't that why we got a fence?) Thank irritated neighbor for returning dog.

Dryer dings. Switch out the laundry. Fold quickly, so it doesn't wrinkle. Heat coffee.

Toddler has accident. Changed soiled clothes. Baby's hungry. Feed Baby while reading Spider-Man book to the Toddler. 

Baby goes down for a nap. Yay! Heat coffee. Take a sip.

Toddler " needs" Batman costume. And sippy cup, where is the sippy cup? And his Elephant. Holy Pull-ups Batman! The Toddler needs to pee! Off with the Cape! To the Bat bathroom!

Decide to write a blog post one day about making your coffee and drinking it too. Heat coffee.

Dryer dings. Already? Switch out laundry. Fold quickly. Ok, where is my coffee? In the microwave. Hmm.

Uh! Toddler screaming. Kiss the boo boo. Toy Story band aid.

Phone rings. Baby wakes! Curse who called. Pick up 5 yr old from school.

Get home. Make snacks. Heat coffee. Take a few sips. Chat with the boys. 

Time for soccer! Find shin guards. Where is that Toddler? Find Toddler putting new expensive mascara on...his cheeks!

Snacks. Water bottles. Shin guards. One, two, three boys. Let's go!

Wave goodbye to coffee.

Sound familiar to anyone? No? Am I the only one? 

Maybe, maybe the problem is not the coffee. Maybe the problem is me. Psalm 46:10 tells us, " Be still, and know that I am God." I have found that when I force myself out of bed a little earlier than the rest of our clan, and spend some quiet time with The Lord, the rest of OUR day goes smoother. You don't have to be a mom of young children to be busy. Everyone's crazy looks a little bit different. This just happens to be a small glimpse into my crazy. No matter what your crazy looks like, it will be a lot easier to manage with The Lord on your side. So take the time to ask Him to walk with you today. You'll be glad you did.

So. New plan.

Heat kettle. Boil water. Grind beans. French press. A little creamer. Drink slowly. And Be Still.

Enjoy your cuppa! ;)

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