The Fichtel Five

Sunday, April 13, 2014

We have been calling ourselves the "Fichtel Five" ever since I became pregnant with our third son. On February 16, 2014 our youngest son Benjamin Alfred was born, officially making us the Fichtel Five. 

A little bit about us...

Mike, I am BLESSED to call this man my husband. My children are fortunate to have him as their father. Whether I try to put pen to paper or fingertip to touchscreen, I will never be able to adequately put into words my love for my incredible husband. ( I promise Babe, I will never stop trying!) He is a hardworking, fun loving, God fearing man. He is a man of many hobbies. He is my lobster. (FRIENDS anyone?)

Bode, our eldest son, soon to be six years old. The most loyal human being I have ever come across. An excellenct big brother, born for the role. And eager, eager to learn, eager to play, and eager to please.

Blaze, our second born son, soon to be three years old. He is our cheerful one, happy go lucky. This kid is fearless to a fault! He says and does the craziest things, I look forward to sharing our Williamisms.

Ben, our third and youngest son at eight weeks of age. Already we can not imagine our family without him. He is such a good baby, eats well, sleeps well, and is content when awake. We are all enjoying his sweet smiles and cute little coos.

Stefani, then there's me. The girl. The only girl. (And a girly one at that!) I like to think of myself as the ringleader of this chaotic circus. It's a little wild, a lot crazy, but I am here to support everyone in their roles. There are days I feel like the odd man out, but I KNOW without a doubt I am...


  1. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE!!! :) I am so glad that you have become my sister and that my brother found you! I love you and your sweet family so very much!!!

  2. A Girly girl that makes Oma N Poppi (her Daddy) very proud!


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